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We are two friends (Marek and Ivan), ex-schoolmates from University where we studied finance and banking. After several years working in financial sector we wanted to create something tangible, so we decided to create InfiNuty. The very first idea of InfiNuty poped out few years ago, when I (Ivan) started to take my trainings more seriously and wanted to increase my performance with quality food. The thing was that all availabe products did not meet my criteria of quality, so I wanted to create my own nut butter. I have asked Marek to help, and after several attemps we finally created something we were satisfied with. But what was even more important, a lot of our friends tried that and were exited. And that was the point where this all started.


Marek spend all his free time with his family, and is proud father of future football legend :)


I love sport, especially CrossFit and mountain biking. And if I'm not at the gym, or in the woods on my bike, I spend all free time with my dog.

We as a friends are pretty different, but what we have common is positive relation to sport, nature and quality food. We want to build InfiNuty as a company that connects these three areas, and create products which are healthy, responsible to nature and tasty. We prefer recyclable packaging, don't use plastics, and wou will never find any sugar, salt, or palm oil in our products. All of them are gluten-free, sugar-free, lactose-free and suitable for vegetarians.

By buying our products you can help us make our planet a better place.

Marek & Ivo


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